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ADMIT ONE for the road again!

October 10, 2004 - All roads lead to Guijo St, Makati, as Admit One for the road goes on in Makati again! Expect another fun-filled night as Twisted Halo, Sugarfree, Cambio, and Happy Meals take the stage at SaGuijo Bar on Saturday, October 16. See you all there!

Admit One For The Road SaGuijo will be held on Saturday, Ocotber 16, 2004 at SaGuijo Bar, Guijo St. Makati. Tickets will be sold for P100 only. The show starts at 10:00.

ADMIT ONE is a monthly production composed of four acclaimed bands in the local rock scene, namely Cambio, Sugar Free, Happy Meals, and Twisted Halo. The production began as a joint project of three bands (Twisted Halo, Dicta License, and Fatal Posporos) in an effort to hold a monthly event wherein to showcase their own music and expose the talents of other, mostly fledgling, musical artists. After much preparation, the first Admit One gig was held on November 9, 2001, in Freedom Bar on Anonas Street in Quezon City. Since then, Admit One’s core lineup of regular bands has changed, and our group has been organizing and holding shows every first Saturday of the month in Freedom Bar, and has held shows in other venues as well, including Mayrics in Espańa, Rock Radio Café in Alabang, and SaGuijo Café in Makati.

As Admit One also aims to promote local talent, we also invite different guest bands and artists to play and party with us. Thus, Admit One has likewise become a vehicle for such lesser-known and/or then-fledgling artists as Matilda, Einstein Chakkras, and many others, to perform live. Some of these guest bands have hailed from as far as Baguio (Blazing Bulalakaws), Cebu (Urbandub, Cattski), and Cagayan de Oro (Nuncyspungen), and they have successfully expanded their respective audiences here in Manila with the help of Admit One.

As we approach our third anniversary in November of this year, Admit One has given almost a hundred local bands and artists, both signed and unsigned, an opportunity to showcase their talents to a dynamic crowd of young music enthusiasts, many of whom loyally attend the monthly show regardless of its lineup. Since November 2001, Admit One has featured live performances from a variety of musical genres, including rock (Sandwich, Imago, Chicosci, The Dawn, etc.), hip-hop (Sun Valley Crew, Syke), electronica (Wolfmann, Drip), jazz (Fish Trio, Jazz Kidding), swing (Camote Chunks), tribal percussion (Hairy Dawgs), and on one occasion, even a college dance group (Company of Ateneo Dancers). Despite the large number of bands and artists we have already featured over the past three years, our group continues to receive inquiries and demo CDs from young bands who wish to be included in upcoming Admit One gigs.

Over the years, Admit One has built a reputation for itself, not only for being a cool event to watch live music, but also a preferred venue to hang out, drink, party, and be among friends. There are people who regularly look forward to and attend Admit One, regardless of the bands playing. For that reason, setting and maintaining a party atmosphere at every show is always a key objective of the organizers.

As Admit One moves on to its fourth year, we intend to take our show to other venues both within and outside of Metro Manila, including campuses, and key cities like Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, and more. After three years, Admit One is only getting started. And we can be assured of its longevity for as long as the local music scene continues to be sustained and propagated by both new and seasoned talents.


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