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Twisted Halo: Independent

Many people in the independent rock scene probably know the band called Twisted Halo. But for the benefit of those who are hearing about them for the first time, the question has to be asked: Who – or what – is Twisted Halo?

Angels with twisted haloes

Twisted Halo is a band known for their principled, uncompromising approach to rock music. And it’s not just in the music, but also in how they deal with the peripherals of rock and roll: the business, the events, and the causes. They understand the business of rock music and at the same time they are uncompromising about the essentials of what they are.

Twisted Halo’s music can be described as “controlled violence.” There is tightness, a synergy that is borne of discipline and at the same time the passion, the emotion that is inherent in the lyrics is also translated in a sonic manner.

The music incorporates elements from the alternative, rock, punk and noise genres to generate a virtual wall of sound that in one moment can be spare and haunting, the next a crescendo of distortion and feedback.

The lyrics aren’t the standard fare for most of rock music; the words that go with the music are reflections of what is happening in our local society. These songs talk about the darkness within the collective soul. There is, too, catharsis: by addressing that darkness, there is redemption – connection and communication.

It is in this manner that Twisted Halo creates a rapport with the audience: they sing about the unsaid, and in that manner helps the listener confront and assimilate what is in their own minds.

This is rock music for today’s youth. It is unpredictable, it is aggressive, but it is also perceptive and truthful. It is reinvented rock for interesting times.

The Bolo Brigade

In Loving Memory of the Fearless Exploits of the Bolo Brigade is their first full-length album, after their self-titled Twisted Halo EP. Released under their own label, Guilty Pleasure Records, the album is the next step in the band’s journey.

In World War II, the Bolo Brigade was a group of Filipino resistance fighters who assisted the American Forces when they returned to the Philippines. Poorly equipped, armed with little more than bolos, they went up against superior Japanese forces. Many died, and there has been little recognition for their courage and perseverance. It in their memory that the album is dedicated to: what they fought for in World War II is still very much what many people today are fighting for, if not in blood then in anguish and frustration.

The album cover is a painting by renowned Filipino artist Fernando Amorsolo, from a private collection, used with permission by the owner. The idyllic scene in the painting is an epitome of the peace and tranquility that the Bolo Brigade – and Twisted Halo – dreams of for our society.

The first two singles from the Bolo Brigade album are “Breakable” and “Miron.” These songs are but a taste of what is in the album, and what is to come.


Twisted Halo is devoted to bringing about a revolution in music; not through physical violence, but in understanding and perception of what rock music can and will do. Music has always been a mouthpiece for the audience that listens to it, and in this case, Twisted Halo is one of the most uncompromising, aware of the responsibility and doing their best to make sure that what should be heard, will be.

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